You can use Nocks to buy or sell Gulden. When you buy Gulden we offer an easy form that sends the Gulden straight to your wallet after successful purchase.

Blockchain as intended

Gulden is one of the few cryptocurrencies you can use in so many different ways without losing that amazing user experience. It’s why we enjoy creating services that support Gulden so much. With its enhanced security, increased speed and overall great usability.

Are you ready for it?

Learn more about Gulden Read our blog about why we work with Gulden blockchain

You own it, so don’t break it

Make sure your Gulden are safe. When you send your Gulden to your wallet on your phone or laptop, that’s where they are. So please make sure you keep the backup phrase of your Gulden wallet safe.

We do not have access to your funds if they’re in your own Gulden wallet.

  • `make`
  • `sure`
  • `you`
  • `keep`
  • `me`
  • `safe`
  • `all`
  • `twelve`
  • `of`
  • `me`
  • `thank`
  • `you`
* this is not an actual recovery phrase
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